Our Services


Services for Land Property & Construction

Legal Mapping

We can prepare accurate maps and plans for Land sub-division and the recording of easments. Necessary when transferring property or for Estate Planning.

Land/Boundary Disputes

We have vast experience of Land, Boundary and RoW disputes. We are experienced in giving evidence in Court and before Tribunals.

UAV Services

We are Professional Land Surveyors who have integrated UAV technology into our workstreams for Survey, Inspection or Media Capture.

Topographic Surveys

We are Surveying and Mapping Professionals who utilize the latest technological survey solutions to provide the best possible service.

3D Modelling

Our use of UAV's to capture both nadir (straight down) and oblique aerial imagery allows for highly accurate 3d models of both land and structures to be produced.

Volumetric Calculations

Our use of UAV imagery coupled with the most advanced survey software allows us to provide highly accurate volumetric calculations efficiently.