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January, 2007:
New design and layout finished and uploaded to our new Server. Development of our all new sub-site dealing solely with Boundary Disputes and Expert Witness services reflecting our increasing involvement in this area of specialist mapping.   




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As Land and Chartered engineering surveyors, experienced in the preparation of maps, drawings and expert witness reports, you can be assured of a completely professional service.

Forensic Surveys & Accident Reconstruction

Accurate surveys of accident locus are a prerequisite whenever liability is challenged and as Land and Chartered Engineering surveyors we are experienced in the provision of accident surveys and Expert Witness reports.

Not only can we provide a full survey of the scene in traditional 2d plan form but we can also create rendered VRML models of the location which can produce 3d views from any position. Need to see what the driver saw? 

No problem! 

The 3d models are fully interactive, (we supply a 3d viewer) to allow the instructing solicitor or others can "wander the location at will " and uniquely,  by using the very latest accident reconstruction software we can also animate the scene to fully recreate the accident. The client can then view the accident "as it happened" in real time over and over if required.

The  survey will of course be carried out by a professional and experienced surveyor who has experience in this type of forensic mapping using the latest optical or satellite based surveying equipment as appropriate.  

The report is prepared in accordance with the RICS practice statement "Surveyors acting as Expert Witness Second Edition" to a format approved by the Academy of Experts. 

We understand the need for the survey and report to be prepared and made available as quickly as possible and we strive to be totally professional and transparent in respect of  all our dealings.